Greeks Going Green is a campaign started by the Alpha Psi chapter of Delta Delta Delta to help promote environmental awareness and eco-friendliness within the Greek community at the University of Florida.  

Our Vision: Our vision is for the efforts within the campaign to be collective. Because there is no “I” in Greek, Tri Delta is depending on the leadership of all the other Greek houses to govern the success of the efforts that drive this campaign. Our focus will be to educate the Greek community about global warming and sustainable living practices and to consciously make lifestyle choices that reflect such education.This program is committed to encouraging members to take proactive steps within their respective houses to acknowledge this global issue, and together, take a stand towards reducing the carbon footprint of the Greek student body at the University of Florida.Greek houses are urged to implement one sustainable change a year within their house. These changes are not limited to: participating in the sorority row recycling program, switching to compact fluorescent lightbulbs in lighting fixtures, planting more trees on the property or in the community, etc. The goal of these modifications is to eventually, over a period of 7-10 years, have each house operating as environmentally sound as possible. 

Philanthropy Competition Criteria: