I came up with the initial idea for starting the Greeks Going Green Campaign because I had been intrigued by a documentary I had seen, so I began following the news coverage on climate change. I began reading as many magazines with articles covering the topic as I could, watching numerous television programs, and through my education, I realized the necessity of the matter and the need to take action in addressing the problem.       

We need to change our wasteful habits and start making small modifications in our lifestyles to begin living the more eco-friendly lifestyle of borrow-use-return.


       As a member of a Greek chapter myself, I know the Greek community is a very powerful and effective tool that can be used to develop a collective following for a cause, and in the end, produce overwhelmingly successful results. This is when I got the idea to tap into the opportunity of the Greek community at UF to address an issue that I had become very passionate about over the years.

      With many Greek chapters working together for a common goal: to preserve our planet for the generations to come, we will be able to amplify our efforts in effectively reducing the carbon footprint here at the University of Florida.

The Greek population makes up over 15% of the university’s total population, and to me, that means 15% of the population that’s headed in a greener direction: living more socially responsible lives and making a huge difference. 

      It has been said that even a small change in one’s own lifestyle can really make a difference. Think of the impact we’ll be making towards the preservation of our planet’s future if we collectively work together as a Greek community to raise environmental awareness by making our UF world greener. From an environmental standpoint, our small efforts can collectively move mountains, or in our case, preserve Florida’s shore lines. 

      Inspiring change cannot be done alone and I have been fortunate enough to share my passion for making a difference with my sisters at Tri Delta who have stood by me throughout the entire planning process of the campaign. Essentially, Greeks Going Green is a grassroots campaign that is fruit of the efforts of each and every committee member and soon, hopefully, every Greek chapter at the University of Florida.       

We thank you for your support and enthusiasm for the program as we make strides in the direction of a more sustainable Greek community and a more sustainable UF campus. 

      I encourage you to contact us at Kyliesav@ufl.edu if you are interested in becoming part of our committee – the active force that drives the campaign.

-Kylie Savino Founder/President Greeks Going Green

Founder Kylie Savino

President Elesa Rectanus

Community Relations Joanna Heiberg (Chairwoman)

Community Relations Team

Lindsey Teague

Lauren Foster

Amelia Smith

Breanne Brock

Ashley Cedeno

Megan Holloway

Publix BYOB Program

Kathryn Saxby (Chairwoman)

Public Relations

Leslie Dentinger (Co-Chair)

Caitlin Foster (Co-Chair)

Bethany Wagner

Jillian Monsein 


Alexa Bobelis

Nichole Hughes

Environmental Summit Coordinators

Kara Pavkovich

Lauren Foster

Internal Relations

Elizabeth Navarro

Recycling Program 

Courtney Collins (Chairwoman)

Fraternity Relations

Kyle Robisch

Resident Engineer

Taylor Bomarito

“One Less Car” Coordinator

Bailey Kilbourne

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